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Deena Zalkind Spear

Graduate, Barbara Brennan School of Healing.
Twenty-nine years experience in violin making and acoustic research.
B.A. in Neurobiology, Cornell University.

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Energy Healing and Tuning
A unique energy healing that changes the silent sounds of the body for relaxation and better health

What is Harmonic Healing?

We are made of energy. Energy vibrates. These "silent" vibrations can be detected by the inner senses. Deena combines her experience as a violin maker and her training as an energy healer for people and animals. Using her inner senses to feel the "silent" sounds of a violin, and then using her physical ears to assess the sound of the instrument when it is played, Deena has learned and continues to learn how her inner sense feeling translates into audible sound.

     Deena has also learned by a process called "harmonic induction," how to use her own energy field to effect a change in sound. When she "tunes" the vibrations in the dimension of "silent" sound, the result becomes physically noticeable to the usual outer senses.

For example, a violin feels and sounds better to the player and sounds better to the listener after Deena has tuned it by harmonic induction. People say they feel better after their "silent" sounds have been assisted to vibrate in a more harmonious manner. Animals behave in ways to show that they, too, feel better after similar healing work.

Harmonic Healing and Health

Illness, injury, exhaustion, itchiness, chemical toxicity or electromagnetic imbalance create particular inharmonious vibrations that can be felt by the inner senses. Deena tunes these vibrations in order to help the person or animal feel better.

People and animals who have been given pain relievers, antibiotics, anesthetics or other substances may have toxic side effects-a result of inharmonious resonances between the toxic substance and the body. These toxins can be tuned to vibrate in a less harmful or non-harmful manner. Even the vibrations of mercury amalgam in the teeth can be changed for the better.

Jammed energy creates pain and swelling. Working with this energy can speed healing and alleviate discomfort.

Many people live in a constant state of tension that causes their adrenal glands to become overworked. By releasing unhealthy energetic connections from the adrenals, and tuning the vibrations, the quality of life and health can be enhanced.

Relationships between people or between people and their animal companions are also energy. Those energy connections can be tuned. This process can assist in the release of fear and anger and create more harmony.

After a series of vaccinations, my cat, Whisper, was lethargic and had lost her appetite. I asked Deena to perform a long-distance detox. Just as soon as Deena was finished, Whisper began to play and eat. I could tell she felt much better.

A few days later, I asked Deena if there was something we could do about my relationship with Whisper. My once very affectionate cat had become aloof since she was spayed a few weeks earlier. Again working long distance, Deena assisted Whisper in releasing her anger and tuned the relationship cords between us. After twenty minutes (we were on the phone), Deena said the energy felt harmonious. Whisper immediately ran up to me, jumped in my lap, let me know she wanted to be petted, and started to purr. This is something she had not done since her spay operation. Whisper continues to behave like her old, playful, affectionate self.

--Lucyna Starysczak, Md.
Deena Zalkind Spear

Deena was graduated from Cornell University in 1971 with a degree in Neurobiology. She worked for three years as a chemical analyst for Cornell, and co-authored several papers showing the environmental damage caused by the use of pesticides. When she realized her own health was suffering from the effects of laboratory chemicals, she left the University and began studying violin-making and acoustics. Music, musical instruments, and ultimately musicians became her primary focus and profession for the next 20 years.

Deena was graduated from Barbara Brennan�s four-year healing science training school in June, 1997. She has also studied energy healing privately for a number of years with several teachers, including Marlene Sandler.

Deena continues to expand and explore the field of vibration, working on both musical instruments and individuals. She is often assisted by a physicist and an electrical engineer in developing methods to test and record the changes that can be brought about through energy healing and high-sense perception.

The nature of healing energy is such that it can be
performed either in person or long distance

I thought that adjusting my viola long distance over the phone was completely crazy. I tried it only out of desperation. It really does work!
--Ellen Olson, violist
Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

When Deena did energy work on my mercury amalgam fillings I immediately noticed a distinct difference. There was a feeling of open, clear spaciousness. My mouth felt wonderful. The before and after readings on the Synchronometer registered the changed vibrations that I was feeling. I highly recommend her work.
--Shirley Williams, College
Administrator, La Plata, Md.

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